16 : Easy Tteokbokki 떡볶이

When I visited South Korea years ago, this famous street food caught my attention and has been my favorite Korean snack ever since. I love rice cakes because they are oh-so chewy.. plus the spicy flavor? Best combination ever! I wanted my husband to try this yummy snack so he’ll know why I was craving Tteokbokki for weeks. *WINK*

Many people had a hard time pronouncing the word “Tteokbokki” but practice makes perfect! You’ll get it in time. haha. Tteokbokki is mostly cooked with rice cakes and gochujang – red chili paste that is sweet, savory and spicy in mixture. Fish cakes, ramen, sausages and eggs can also be added depending on your preference.  Tteokbokki is considered one of the comfort food people loved. Whether you like spicy food or not, this is a MUST-try!


250g rice cakes (stick type)

2 1/2 fish cakes, sliced

1 tbsp. gochujang

3/4 cup water

Fish sauce or “patis”

1 tsp. brown sugar or honey ( I used honey for this recipe)

Sliced leeks



Wash leeks and sliced it diagonally


Slice the fish cakes


Rince rice cakes in water


Add 3/4 cup water and boil the rice cakes (you can add more water if you think its not enough, but make sure NOT to overdo it. WHY? it will look like Tteokbokki soup HAHA)

Boil it for around 5 minutes or so


Then add gochujang paste and still well


Stir until it boils


Add fish cakes and continue stirring (make sure rice cakes doesn’t stick on the pan)


Add some fish sauce and honey to balance the taste


Add leeks, stir and let it boil for about a minute or two


And it’s done! Easy right?



Remove from the pan and transfer Tteokbokki on a serving plate


Enjoyed best while its still hot! 🙂

Wheee cravings satisfied!!!




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