15 : Easy Pan-Grilled Boneless Bangus

Hi everyone! What’s your favorite Filipino breakfast? Is it tocino? longganisa? corned beef? champorado? pandesal with coffee? We got a lot to choose from, and sometimes we want to eat everything!!! hahaha. But personally, my favorite Filipino breakfast is boneless bangus. Since most of the time we prefer home-cooked meals, I decided to share my home-made Boneless Bangus with garlic rice, sliced tomatoes and atchara or picked papaya. 


1 medium boneless bangus

1 tsp. coarse salt

A dash of ground black pepper

1 tbsp. chopped garlic

1 tbsp. soy sauce

2 – 3 pcs. squeezed calamansi

1 tsp. brown sugar


Add some course salt


A dash of ground black pepper


Spread them evenly


Add the chopped garlic


Spread it all over


Pour 1 tbsp. soy sauce



Add 1 tsp. brown sugar (it’s healthier than white sugar)


Squeeze calamansi juice all around (please don’t include the seeds)

IMG_7019 2

Cover the bangus in a cling wrap (Brand: Glad Wrap haha) and refrigerate overnight ( coz I wanted the mixture to soak inside the bangus meat)


The next day, make sure to thaw the bangus first before cooking!

Pan-grill until it turns golden brown


Slice some tomatoes


Here it is! My yummy boneless bangus with garlic rice, sliced tomatoes and atchara! Have a hearty breakfast! ❤ 


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